Live Action Music

El Bosque (2013) - Vimeo

Footage from Muir Woods, San Francisco, May 2013.

Thailand (2011) - Vimeo

Footage from a trip for 5 days in Thailand, Dec 2011.

Day and Night(2009) - Quicktime 50MB

Timelapse Footage shot in TwinPeaks (San Francisco, CA).

Madrid (2009) - Quicktime 50MB

HD Footage of Madrid shot on Christmas '08. Put it together for fun, as well as to test a new HD camera as well as different lenses.

The Bay (2008) - Quicktime 30MB

HD Footage of San Francisco/Bay Area shot in the Spring '08. Just put it together for fun and to continue learning an HD workflow and testing different lenses for a shortfilm.

"Plane that draws a While Line" (2007) - Quicktime 21MB

Music Video shot/edited for the band Alias/Tarsier from their LP "Plane that draws a White Line".

"Sleepy" (2007) - Quicktime 22MB

Music Video shot/edited for the band Alias/Tarsier. From their 2006 US Fall tour.