During 2016 I’ve worked at a fantastic studio called Anki, a game/robotics company, on the creation of a little robot character named “Cozmo”. Artificial Intelligence is a whole different beast to anything I’ve been part of, and the work Anki does on this field is nothing short of mind blowing. Getting to collaborate with such a talented and smart group of people in bringing Cozmo to life has been a special ride.

Cozmo was announced last summer and released in October. Been grateful for the response. I’d like to share a Cozmo announcement Trailer I worked on with CincoDesign agency (Portland) as well as BlueZoo Studio (London), who did a wonderful job. For this piece, I was also fortunate to have my Anki animation partner in crime Mooly Segal who helped me doing the Previs/Layout. I also got a chance to bring designer/storyboarder Dei Gaztelumendi as well as composer Gonzalo Díaz Yerro both of whom I’ve loved working with in the past. An additional shout out to Anki Sound Designer Ben Gabaldon who helped with Cozmo’s voice work.

Hope you enjoy Cozmo. A lot of great work by a lot of people is being put into making this little guy.