Wanted to give another update on the CG animated short La Noria. As mentioned before, this film wouldn’t of been possible without the constant help/patience of many talented people. Additionally, we’ve gotten support on the film from several key people/companies that I wanted to mention early on this part of the process as they are key in what it is that we are doing.

Big sincere thanks to my partners Bobby Beck/Shawn Kelly at AnimationMentor, Jennifer Goldfinch at Autodesk and Marcos Fajardo at Solid Angle. They have believed in this film since the beginning and we couldn’t be more thankful of their help and support. I’ve been financing this short film independently, and the little punk hasn’t been easy on my savings over the last few years. Doing this kind of independent films isn’t easy in any way but I’ve loved the process and wouldn’t have it any other way. As stated earlier this year, we wanted to keep sharing some of the work that the artists/friends that have been helping us on it have been doing. We recently just started animating and seeing things slowly come alive, which is exciting as hell. Will be posting more updates as we go.

We are currently in need of a strong Character/Technical Director as well as very good Hair Simulation Artist. If you know of anyone, please let us know.

The artwork below is another early concept of the film. It’s from Eve Skylar (first very talented artist/friend to join, help and support the short a few years back) based on set design artwork created by spanish artist and friend Carlos Zaragoza.