I was recently introduced to Glazer’s “Birth” film with Nicole Kidman. There is some great stuff throughout the film in terms of composition/cinematorgraphy/etc, but I truly enjoyed her acting/performance in this particular shot and I think it’s very relevant to animation and why I wanted to post it here. It’s more than difficult to animate characters thinking about something…but to have characters remembering and reacting to those memories, is a whole different game. It’s very bold to hold this shot for so long, and I think the music helps us stay in it. But what I love about it is that it makes me want to figure out what she’s thinking about in a very similar way that Ingrid Bergman did in Casablanca. Without giving away what the movie is about and to avoid spoilers, I’d love to share a link to this scene as well as some screen caps to highlight Nicole’s subtle but big facial expression changes throughout this close up.