Happy New 2011.

Been difficult to update my site. But hopefully I’ll slowly get back. 2010 was a pretty full year. For those interested in writing, I found some links very useful. Writing and story truly is the hardest. After reading countless books, attending classes on it, going to talks…I can honestly say I’m barely starting to know what the hell. Sure feels like a life long journey this whole telling stories business. Anyways, these links/blogs are truly educational and
can’t recommend them enough.

Additionally I found this website in where Todd Alcott breaks down and forces questions on the film The Shinning and Stanley Kubrick/Diane Johnson’s screenplay. Not your standard structure in a screenplay, and a lot to learn from.

I’m reading these and rewatching the film. Spent most Christmas watching different films for reference. Both weak and strong films. I’d love to post some things I’ve found coming up that totally apply to animation.

Hope this 2011 is a wonderful one for everyone.