Play by Play is a simple live-action shortfilm financed by Afterworks which is part of Pixar University department, with the goal of providing education to those of us that work in Animated Feature Films during the day and are interested in learning more about live-action. It’s a really great opportunity and can’t thank them enough. While it’s a completely different beast than animation…in a lot of ways, I’ve been loving the project as well as the goal/purpose of it which is to learn.

The story is a simple story from my co-worker Bob Roden about the struggle of a boy who is bullied. Bob wrote a script that I thought had a beautiful message, and it made me want to work on it. I had the tremendous luck to be directing it, with a great hardworking crew especially considering we have been doing this on our free time. Hasn’t been easy that way. We are in our last stretch in the last few months of completing it. Whether the short turns out good or not, it’s been already worth it in many ways…and has truly only made me more excited about working on more and learn more about this craft.

So over the next few months now that ToyStory 3 is completed and I start to work on a future Pixar film (not sure if it’s been announced so just in case I prefer not to mention) I’ll write about what I’ve been finding out and learning from working on this, using the equipment we used, the people that has been helping us and notes I’ve been writting here and there about things to keep in mind in the future. So since we are all essentially doing/telling stories I figured I’d share in case it helps to those of you whether you are doing live-action or animation.