• Rd Sarna: It would be great to hear your thoughts and ideas about story telling and your take on story from an animator’s point of view.

Hi Ratul,

Well, I have a lot to learn about story and telling stories I really feel is a life long journey. However, I do feel like animation and story are definitely interconnected one another. Stories are constantly being told…whether is in a Feature Film, in a sequence or in a shot. We are telling something with our characters through our animations. That’s why Pantomime is such a tremendous thing to study. No dialogue is being used. It’s storytelling through just animation and performance. Watch a Charlie Chaplin film every few months or every few years at the very least…you’ll be surprise that the more you learn about animation, the more amazing some of his films are. He was in a whole different level, we can all still learn from tremendously.

We can say so many things by the way we are making our characters move, the possibilities are endless. I love that part of the process. The exploration. The ability to push our stories through the performances. I’m personally very inspired by Stand-Up Comedy. The way Bill Cosby will tell a story is completely different to the way Eddie Murphy will tell it. It’ll affect people differently. It’ll have different payoffs, and different kinds of people will relate more one to another. Same thing happens with animation. People will have different sensibilities about what’s being told through the performance. It’s up to us how to tell them.

So stories are essentially why we are doing this. We are telling “something” through our animations. So when you listen to your friend tell you a story, when you watch a co-worker’s animation shot, when you watch a comedian or when you see people improvising, stories are being told. What’s important in my opinion, is that we say something new or something meaningful.