To add to an earlier post on film/photography, I wanted to continue saying that regardless of the medium, one thing we should be always aware of is that composition is composition. Before you start anything you’ll work on, even if it’s an animation, think of the elements you’ll be moving around the screen as well as the props. You have some KEY elements you can play with, such as: Screen Depth, Scale, and the previously talked Lines/Angles.. While these are subtle tools, the effect can be not so subtle…and rather powerful.

  • Composition is key on the planning part.

Check out this link next. Most of these composition painting tips next apply just as much to us animators/filmmakers as to a painter.

Composition Tips

For example, take these two Last Supper theme paintings here, one by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1480) and a second one by Emil Nolde (1909).

First of all. What do these images with the same theme tell you, and what do they make you feel? We should always think about that. To me it’s simple, the first image brings me peace, the second one somehow makes me uneasy. These two paintings are classic examples of how powerful composition is for artists.

  • In the first one, we have open space between characters, and the scale/proportion of characters within the arquitecture works great with adding a feeling of peace. Also repeated and symmetrical elements throughout the screen add this purpose as well to the painting. Color palette and repeated color elements are important in here as they add calm.
  • The second painting is a whole different story. The proportions of the characters, their placement on screen (no head room almost squished on top) and how little to no room is between them, adds that sense of claustrophobia to the painting. Rugged line quality and color theme also make this painting, somewhat uneasy.

So again, before getting started on your film, still, even animation test…composition is something that should be taken highly into account in the planning stages.

  • The question Why is an important one in everything we should do.

Hasta luego.