Wanted to bring a simple tip. Check out this clip of Benicio del Toro from the film “Usual Suspects”:

This is something I talked about with my co-worker Ron about this particular acting choice. If you pay attention to his gesture choice he does when he says “I’ll flip ya”, there is little I can relate to with the gesture. Yet it was so distinctive that it stood out in the film. The entire character and his random choices stood out, and stole the film for me. So, while this is difficult to pull out in animation where things have to be cristal clear in terms of clarity in the acting, it’s nice to know we have somewhere to go and that we have room to grow when it comes to our acting choices. A couple of things to think about:

  • This character can get away with this gestures in big part due to his personality.
  • If you had a a character doing this kind of stuff constantly throught an entire film, would it be a consistent performance? would it be too much?
  • When in the film is this needed? The placement of this acting choice in the interrogation sequence montage made this work for me. Think about where things are place in your film, or in your sequence. It’ll help to look at the bigger picture.
  • Think about acting choices NOW. So that we can relate. For exmple, the acting choices in the films from the 40s-50s sometimes tend to be over the top, therefore, current audiences can’t really relate.

Hope this is helpful.